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through the POWER of HYPNOSIS 

An Innovative Approach to Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Help is here! Find new ways to end your addiction. If you have failed at 12 step and AA, and have been to residential rehab and relapsed over and over, it might be time for something that has proven success.  The Maryland Addiction Freedom Project is a specific methodology of that looks at addiction from a completely new perspective.

The brain of an addict reacts to core beliefs, triggers, and emotional memories that are stored below the conscious awareness. The work that is needed to end the addiction at a subconscious level is completely overlooked in most rehab systems, and as a result the failure rate is typically a whopping 90%.

Private and Group Sessions

Complimentary presentations for treatment centers, schools, businesses

Based on what we now know about the brain, the neuroplasticity, and the biology of belief we can begin to approach addiction and recovery from a new perspective.

Using these newly discovered and clinically accepted methodologies, the mind and behavior modification techniques will work to retrain and recondition the addict at the core unconscious level.

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If you or someone you love suffers from an addiction, you owe it to yourself to learn everything there is about addiction, but also about support for friends and family members of addicts.

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Radical Results

Hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), biofeedback are powerful tools that are used by physicians, psychiatrists, hospitals, hypnotherapists and universities.

In the age of discovery and research, breakthroughs and insight, it makes no sense that the most widely used method to treat addiction is over 80 years old.

It makes no sense.

The current success rate in rehab is no better than the success rate for those that choose to stop drugs and alcohol completely on their own!

Experts in the Mind Body field have the tools and methods to stop the addictive patterns in the brain and body. These tools and processes are proven, researched and powerful.

There has never been a better time to make a difference in treating addictions and make this new paradigm the standard in treatment that you, or a loved one, ready to lead a powerful life.

Cost Effective

Far more affordable than inpatient and outpatient programs


Experience immediate freedom and change. No boring groups. Works around your schedule.


Retrain the brain to create strength, values, and positive beliefs

Maryland Addiction Freedom Project

About your Hypnotherapist

Brian Sanders, PhD is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer. He has been the director of Maryland Hypnosis Center since 2005. He is a Certified Maryland Peer Support Specialist and a SMART Recovery facilitator.

It has been easy, which is unbelievable to me as I have no more desires...I owe it all to the program that has taken away the dreaded and shameful dependency.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I give you the credit for my sobriety...and for the peaceful response that I have now to the things that used to trigger the anxiety and fear that made me want to drink.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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